From Preparation to Application
Dear student,

Welcome to your placement journey.

In order for you to experience a smooth placement journey please read the information about the various phases carefully so you know exactly what to do at what time, how to prepare and so on. On this page you can read more information about the first phase: your preparation phase.  This preparation phase will start in year 2 with activities such as attending company presentations and should end ideally 6 to 4 months before you like to go on placement.

The preparation phase consists of all activities that will support you in gaining all the information needed to make a well-informed decision about what country, city and company where you would like to conduct your placement. Note that your application process can be considered as being official once you have finalised all your placement preparation activities, you have uploaded your CV and Motivation form to iGo, and you have sent an email to the placement coach to request for an official motivation interview.

Before you start

Make sure to be enrolled for the course ‘Career Development Programme Year 3’ and the course ‘IHM Placement’ on Blackboard and to study this information. All documents needed in relation to your placement procedure can be found on Blackboard. Therefore, if not done yet, please go to Blackboard to enrol in the IHM course CDP, year 3 (search for CDP). Once enrolled you will find lots of information about your preparation in year 3, what documents to hand in, when and where. Your personal coach will also play an important role just as the placement office. It is important to realise that your actual application process can only start once you have achieved the requirements. The iGo system (IHM Placement system) will play an important role during your preparation and actual placement, and will support you along the way.

What activities to take care of?

What activities will you need to take care of during the preparation phase?
• You will join area meetings, industry fair, and company presentations (compulsory)
• You will contact current students on placement, you will research online about the country you like to go on placement, you will read and learn more about culture, housing situation so that you can make a well-informed decision about your preferred placement country (strongly recommended). Hence it is important to attend the area meetings, industry fair and get in touch with fellow students, alumni and of course to read all information on this webpage.

Once you have completed all the required activities of the preparation phase – as registered in the iGo system – you should be able to access the application phase. Make sure to send an email to your placement coach with the request to schedule an appointment with your Placement Coach, after your CV and motivation interview form have been successfully submitted in the iGo placement system. Next: Application Phase

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