From Hiring to Arrival at Your Placement Company
Dear students,

Now that you have been hired (Congrats!) the real work will start!

You can actually say that this entire process is already preparing you to develop patience, a skill that you will really need when working and living in China, South East Asia or anywhere abroad really. On top of patience you will learn that bureaucracy and many local authorities play an important role as well. From filling out many documents, obtaining the right documents, dealing with embassies, health checks, and so on. You can understand that it is important to demonstrate clear and professional communication skills with the hotel and/or local partner representative (always a cc to your placement coach),  to manage this phase smoothly. Realise that you are responsible for finding the correct information, to ensure clear and professional communication, to follow up when something is not clear and to ask questions in case of doubt.

On this page you can find useful links, however you will not find a clear guide or step-by-step processes as to how apply for your visa, what forms to fill out, the time it will take and so on. Why not?

As processes change continuously, rules are being adjusted all the time. Moreover, per company different processes may apply, per country different processes may apply and depending on your nationality, different process may apply. For students that have enrolled via the ImmerQi program, ImmerQi will guide you through the process, however bear in mind that you are still end responsible for obtaining your visa, ensuring all required checks are taken care off. Of course you can always contact your placement coach when in doubt or whenever you need some advice. More importantly, ensure you stay in contact with your company contact person (usually someone from the HR department) as they are able to advise you what steps to prepare and how to prepare. In case of any setbacks, always keep all parties informed. Until now all students always received their necessary documents although many students have experienced different processes including some delays from time to time.

Practice patience, stay positive, look for solutions, seek for help and keep your head cool! This process may take a minimum of 2 months and in some cases even longer than that. What is important to remember is that your placement will only be official once your Stenden placement contract has been signed by all parties. Note that the starting date cannot be backdated so make sure you have not started your placement without a Stenden contract.

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