From Application to Hiring
Now that you have successfully finalised your preparation phase you can start your official application. On this page you can more information about the application phase. During this phase your placement coach would like to get to know you better, learn about your motivation, your ambitions, your strengths and areas for improvement all with the overall aim to find the perfect match for you. Finding a placement in this region is a customised process and depends on factors such as: positions available at the moment you apply for a placement position, your personality, your experience and of course your preferences for a placement. Some like to work in a small boutique hotel whereas others would like to work for a big chain hotel. The preparations during year 2 and 3 will support you in making a wise decision.

During this phase you will need to be able to demonstrate that you have got what it takes to go on placement to this region and this will be done by various interviews with the placement coach as well as with various representatives from the company you are applying at.

There are two type of interviews during this phase:
Motivation interview with your placement coach
Motivation interview with the actual company you like to apply

Only when you have successfully passed these interviews will you be accepted by the placement company and can you move on towards the next and final phase: your Hiring Phase

1. Motivation interview with your placement coach
Once you have submitted your documents into iGo and you have scheduled an appointment with your placement coach the actual interview will take place, usually via skype as your placement coach is located in Bangkok or Bali. During this interview, make sure you are dressed for an official motivation interview and treat this as a professional talk. What will we focus on during this interview?

You should be able to
• Clearly motivate why you would like to go on placement to your preferred country;
• Demonstrate you strong points, your areas for improvement, your personal skills and experiences;
• To come up with concrete examples using for instance critical incidents that occurred during PBL, practice or during your part-time job (if you have one of course);
• Convince the placement coach that you have conducted adequate research about the placement country of your choice;
• Explain what you would like to develop during your placement, not only in terms of professional skills and knowledge but also in terms of personal development;
• Describe your ideal placement company and department, if applicable by indicating your preferred placement company. Should you have a preferred city, feel free to share and of course share why you believe this company and/or city would be a good fit for you.

During this interview you will have opportunities to ask questions and seek advice. It is perfectly normal at this stage that you may not know everything yet, but it should at least become clear to the placement coach that you have the right motivation and that you have thought things through. Don’t worry, although this interview is an official interview your placement coach will also coach you during this first interview and will give you tips and feedback on how to further improve your preparation.

When accepted (*), your placement coach will ask you prepare a specific application letter for the company and department that has been decided on during the motivation interview. If needed your CV might need some final adjustments. Then you should be ready to send the application letter and CV to your placement coach (via email) who will then forward to the hotel or to local partner (ImmerQi).

(*) Your placement coach may, in some cases, advise you to look for other placement possibilities and/or, may even be asking you to consider another country altogether when there is sufficient doubt that your expectations and desired professional development may not match with what is available.

You should never contact the hotel or local partner directly, but always your placement coach.

2. External Motivation Interview with the placement company (*)
After a successful motivation interview with the placement coach, your application letter and CV will be forwarded to the agreed placement company (*). Possibly your application letter and CV may need some adjustments still. Should the company be interested, they will contact you directly and will request an appointment for an interview (usually via Skype again). The first interview with the hotel is usually with someone from the HR department. If this is a successful interview you may have a second and sometimes even a third interview with the department manager and in some cases even the General Manager of the hotel. You can see why it is so important to prepare properly and make sure you show the best version of yourself.

Upon successful completion of the various interviews, the hotel will hopefully be impressed by you and will inform you that you are hired as intern/management trainee, the moment you have been waiting for! Now the actual process can start to prepare all required (visa) documents and make sure you achieve all academic requirements so that placement office will be able to prepare your contract.

(*) Motivation Interview with ImmerQi

It is important to realise that non-Chinese students seeking to go on placement in mainland China are only able to go on placement with the help of our local partner ImmerQi. This, as currently it is not possible to obtain the right papers without a local partner. Stenden Hotel Management School and ImmerQi are working very closely together with the aim to offer non-Chinese students a great internship in mainland China. After a successful interview with your placement coach, your CV and motivation letter will be forwarded to ImmerQi as they are the ones that will bring you in contact with the placement hotels. Moreover, they will support you in obtaining all the documents required to obtain your visa and they will be your sponsor during your stay in China. More information about ImmerQi, click HERE (ImmerQi Flyer 2018)

The motivation interview you will have with ImmerQi can be compared to the motivation interview you will have with your placement coach. The helpful ImmerQi staff would like to get to know you as well, to ensure they will recommend the best hotel and department fit for you. At the same time they would like to be assured that you have the right level of motivation and expectations to go on placement to China (after all, they will also be your supporter during your stay in China). During this interview you will also be able to ask them questions and learn about the current placement opportunities and general questions about living in China.