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Your placement in the Asian Pacific Region: A life changing experience!

The Asia-Pacific Region, two continents,  more than 48 countries and many different religions, from Buddhism, to Hinduism, to Taoism and more. Asia, home to nearly 5 billion people (that’s nearly 70% of the world population!) speaking more than 100s of languages. And with countries like China and India as well as the ASEAN region, its economic power is rapidly growing. China currently the 2nd economic power in the world! Next to the Asia culture, there is of course attractive Australia as well, a piece of the Western world ‘down under’.

A region that is exciting as the Asian hospitality and tourism industry is booming and continuously expanding, with Asian brands entering the European and American markets while at the same time, International Hotel brands continue to expand their number of properties in the Asian countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, China, Philippines and so on.

And there is more; we see growth in terms of inbound or domestic travel, as well as a steep increase in outbound travel. For instance, Chinese people are traveling the world (200 million tourists by 2020) and around the world the hospitality industry is looking for people that are able to understand their wants and needs. Going on placement in any of the Asian countries that Stenden Hotel Management offers, for sure you will develop your intercultural skills! You will learn about different habits, languages and complete different (service) cultures when compared to the West. Skills that will support you in your future career, no matter where you will end up in life.

Welcome to your placement in the vibrant and exciting Asia Pacific Region! Your next adventure awaits you in China, Vietnam, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia.. the choice is yours!

Why go on placement in China, South-East Asia or Australia?

  • Learn about a diverse region that offers a complete new experience in terms of social and cultural differences
  • Work in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, countries that part of the important ASEAN region
  • China is increasing its economic importance in the global trade and expected to surpass US by 2020
  • Choose the option to study Mandarin, immerse yourself in the local Chinese culture (Beijing)
  • Obtain management skills in challenging and dynamic environments
  • Gain insights into different cultures that will shape the development of the hospitality industry around the world
  • Thailand and Vietnam, two Asian countries that are booming in terms of hospitality industry
  • Experience renowned Asian hospitality and the amazing food and kind friendliness
  • Get opposite and work in hospitality industry ‘down under’
  • The choice is yours… what are you waiting for…?

Student Testimonials

Nihao y’all
My name is Hisi and two months have passed since I’ve started my new challenge as a FO management trainee in Hilton Beijing! There are many things I’d like to share with you but keep this one good in mind when starting in China: GUANXI – If you want to learn and develop yourself you first need to build a good relationship (guanxi) with your colleagues and team! Without their support it might be struggling for you as an individual. Teamwork makes the dream work! I’m very happy to work with a dynamic and open minded team. Don’t forget to network while you’re here! If you have any questions regarding China, please don’t hesitate to message me! Cheers!

– Hisi Ko, Management Trainee Front Office at Hilton Beijing

Student Testimonials

I spent 10 months in Courtyard Hangzhou Wulin, which shares the same management team with JW Marriott next door. Because of that, I am trained also as a 5-star hotel employee. Fortunately, I experienced realistic hospitality industry here. I worked 10 months in the front office and executive lounge and all my colleagues took care of me very nicely. Looking back I can see that I improved my communication skills especially when in contact with the guests. Furthermore, I learned OPERA system skills and I have come to understand the general operations in the whole management team. I am really glad I chose this hotel for my internship. It has a creative, innovative, considerable team, which really inspired me! I hope that my positive experiences will inspire more students to choose China as their internship destination.

– Jane Wen (on internship from March 2015 to December 2015) at Marriott Courtyard Hangzou

Student Testimonials

Hi! I am Athran. I am doing my internship in HMSHost Huazhuo Catering Beijing as Operations Department Assistant right now. This is a new company, so it is quite small, but it is growing rapidly! Therefore if you seek for challenges or you wish to witness how business grows from the very beginning, this is definitely the befitting place for you! Wish I will see you around someday, as my colleagues or my guests. Cheers!

– Jiayao (Athran) Lee (internship May 2016 – January 2017) at HMS Host Beijing

Student Testimonials

Xin chào!I’m Randy Leerentveld, 22 years old and currently 4th year student of the IHM study. Currently I am following my final internship at New World Saigon Hotel, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Asia, but Vietnam in special is a wonderful world. Not only to travel, but also to work and engage with the complete different setting of Hospitality. Not only within the hotel, I experience the genuine kindness of the Vietnamese people. In addition I get to experience the delicious foods, the cities and the wonderful cultural and natural areas that are to be discovered in my free time. If you want to know more, and hear more about the possibilities? Feel free to send me a message! chào!

– Randy Leerentveld (internship December 2016 – September 2017

Student Testimonials

I have worked as F&B management trainee in Sofitel Guangzhou for 10 months . I have to say that It has been the one of greatest challenges I have ever encountered in my life. Also I worked with many kind and dynamic people here in Sofitel Guangzhou. But yet I have learnt much more from these challenges as well as people. Thanks to all these tough experiences during my F&B internship in Sofitel, it makes me realize that to be successful in the F&B department is a long-run investment full of challenges as well as much enjoyment.

– Yunjie Lei (Darcy) (internship from November 2015 to September 2016) at Sofitel Guangzhou